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Thank you again for being available when I needed your assistance - it's nice to know that even though we are continents apart, you responded so quickly. Your prompt responses were so gratefully appreciated.

Ms.Providencia Morillo

I am a Quick Heal customer from more than 4 years. When I bought a new laptop a few days ago, even though it came with pre - installed Norton, I had it uninstalled and bought a Quick Heal CD 9.00 and had it installed, because I am a loyal and delighted customer. The promptness and completeness with which you have responded makes me even more loyal and more delighted, and I have already started recommending Quick Heal to all my colleagues. All good wishes to all at Quick Heal. Please keep up the good work.

Dr.Vikram Kashyap

I must place on record my appreciation of your post sales service back up which I must add has been extremely prompt, proper, good in quality and complete, with sometimes even a follow up. A customer very much appreciates that and I think that should take your company to great lengths.

Anjali Kaddu

With Quick Heal loaded in my Laptop, I feel so secure and confident. In a web world where viruses are crawling around plentily and entering into computers so swiftly that you can never run your computer without some genuine version of AV software. I have suffered a lot in the past. At last I could avail of the strength and efficiency of Quick Heal AV software of Cat Computer. This is INDIGENOUS, LESS COSTLY, MORE EFFICIENT and AFTER SALES SERVICE VERY PROMPT, FRIENDLY AND RESPONSIVE. I am fully satisfied with Quick Heal of Cat Computer.


I had subscribed to Quick Heal Anti-Virus Plus software in end April 2007. My PC was having a problem. I approached a few of my friends for help who advised me to check the settings and even suggested that the problem could be of 'virus’ in my computer. But my confidence in the Anti-Virus told me it would not be a virus problem since I am protected by Quick Heal. I approached Quick Heal for help, knowing fully well that my request is beyond their purview. Support staff from the customer service at Quick Heal came out of her way and gave me solutions. Not only did she solve my problem but also continued to take feed back, till I confirmed to her that the issue is fully resolved. All this shows the dedication and care that Quick Heal Support Service provides to their customers. I wish to convey my sincere thanks to support team and wish Great success to Quick Heal.

Squadron Leader Pradeep Kumar (Retd)

It is my opinion you have the best software and I never miss an opportunity to tell anyone about it. So thanks again.

John F Caldwell

Thank you for your assistance. Quick Heal has always been there and the Technical Support you give is outstanding.


It did take a little time to fix but your support staff made me feel like I was important too, & they always had quick responses & in the end fixed the problem. Thanks again.

Chris Nield
New Zealand

I would just like to express my appreciation for the diligent help you offered me when I was experiencing much difficulty with my computer in trying to instal my Quick Heal antivirus protection system. The many e-mailed advice and instructions from your Technical Support department enabled me to work through the problems with which my computer kept obstructing the process and without your patient and wonderful continued assistance I couldn't have managed it. Many thanks gain.

Kevin Emmerson

In more than 4 years I have been using Quick Heal I have never gotten any viruses or intrusions of any kind! Many of my friends complain about their anti-virus systems. Not me. Quick Heal is the best, keeping me constantly updated and well protected, as well as supplying the new technologies you are always developing.. Whenever I have any questions I really appreciate the quick and personal responses you give me. So whenever my friends complain about their anti-virus systems, I always just say: "Try Quick Heal.com!" I look forward to many more years of partnership. Thank you, Quick Heal. You are doing a great job.

Jonathan Horwitz
Copenhagen, Denmark

Just thought I would let you know that your product is amazing. I have been able to help several of my friends by simply encouraging them to install quick heal on their computers. Wishing you all the best for the festive season and keep up the excellent work.

Ange Van Gog
New Zealand

After having numerous problems with my computer I decided to try Quick Heal. Since my computer was such a mess I needed help with the installation that's when I found out what a great support team they have.

Mr. John Nickel

Well! its action matches its name "Quick Heal" one gets quick relief provided one knows the way to utilise it. I would be in a better position to tell you more after using it for some more months.

Hubert McDonald De Souza
Goa, India

Other AV’s impose on you and make you jump through all kinds of hoops to set them up. They also intrude with windows popping up to ask questions and make decisions they should be making. 7.02 And now 7.03 is almost like not having an AV except you know it’s there protecting everything. Even updates are lightning fast, hardly observable blips that disturb nothing in your computer environment. All in all QH works seamlessly in the background without disturbing or intruding on use of my computer which is very much appreciated.I would like to also add that, since I began using QH, I have had only one virus invade my computer. It was a couple years ago before automatic updates and I had forgotten to update QH. Updating and a subsequent scan eliminated the problem. Since then I have enjoyed being virus free.

Mr. Mike Edwards
Saint Joseph, USA

Thanks for your prompt reply and best wishes for your new website launch. We are very satisfied with Quick Heal's immediate identification of new viruses and Quick Heal's immediate online support. Your immediate online support when we faced problems with W32.TenRobot is really appreciated. Thanks once again for your support.

Chennai, India

I have to emphasise that Quick Heal anti-virus software is very good and I have had a lot of peace since it was installed our servers and workstations. I am running it on over 80 computers and two servers in our company. I DO NOT REGRET RECOMMENDING YOUR SOFTWARE TO MY DIRECTORS.

Richard Obese-Hayford

I am impressed by the alerts & messages that regularly pop up when the computer is in operation.This is a unique feature which I feel is quite important. I am happy to state that I have received the kind of technical support that I have always expected & looked forward to. The prompt & to-the-point replies I have received to my queries is one such feature showing high professional standards practiced by Quick Heal. As a satisfied user of Quick Heal anti-virus software, I take this opportunity to wish the entire team of Quick Heal all success in their endeavours & I am quite sure that Quick Heal will always maintain the high standards in professionalism & quality & tap many more Customers & convert them into satisfied Users.

Satish Chandavarkar
Pune, India

I am very pleased with Quick Heal and your prompt responses whenever I had troubles. Keep it up and be at the top internationally. You are doing us proud in Pune. Best wishes for 2005.

Dr. P.K.Dutta
Pune, India

I am a little bit late to answer. What can I say about Quick Heal? First I use it since 4 years; in the early begining they where some confusion with some dll or sys files and viruses. This has quickly disappeared and Quick Heal has proved to be very efficient in catching viruses. Is version 7.03 better than 7.02, I really don't know ? The most important fact for me is that someone in CatComputer be able to answer my questions very fast. The top quality I appreciate at Quick Heal is their support service. I have just to call [email protected] Heal.com to found a "human response" to my questions and not only a list of FAQ. The aplication itself is of the type "feel and click" and very easy to use. There is no need to rummage in a Help file.

Jean-Paul Gaffard
Fontainebleau, France

I think you have a great product. I like it very much. It is easy to install, the user feels protected through updates, which are downloaded in the background. Very good feedback from the software. I like v7.03 much better than competing products from Symantec or McAffie.

Mr. Steffen Wild

Thank you so much for your prompt reply and the Quick Heal software. I have reinstalled the Quick Heal software in my PC and it is running perfectly. I am very pleased with your after sale service and I will definitely recommend your products to all my friends and relatives.

Lim Kam Yuen

I did have other virus packages on my computer and always had problems with them, but since Quick Heal was recommended to me by a work colleague I have never had any problems, "touch wood".Best Regards,

Michael Kenny

I have been using Quick Heal for 3 years now and find the product the best on the market even today and I have tried them all. Here are the advantages I found. Quick Heal stopped viruses the others missed completely, When a virus is detected it is taken care of without halting the system, There is absolutely no noticeable slowdown in system performance and I have not had a problem installing any new software because the virus scanner was enabled. My systems run 24hrs a day / 7days a week and are always on-line, I receive thousands of emails from all over the globe and since installing Quick Heal, I have not had one infection, Quick Heal has caught them all. The software support team is quick to respond anytime you have a question or concern. You should install virus protection, if you want the best available, I recommend Quick Heal.

Don Laverdure
Ontario, Canada

Quick Heal may not be as quickly recognized by users as some other antivirus programs like "Norton" or "McAfee", but in my opinion, it is much more user friendly and every bit as good if not better. The virus warnings and solutions are often e-mailed to me before I have even heard of the virus. The e-mail help line to a technical advisor in India is fantastic. There has always been a response to any of my questions in less than 24 hours, and any concern or problem I may have had was always resolved, regardless of the difficulty or effort required. I have tried others, but this virus scan is one of the best I have seen for quality, options, ease of operation, updates and support!

Dale Ashfield
Dartmouth, Canada

I would just like to congratulate you guys at Quick Heal on the VB 100% award. As a very satisfied home user your customer support is second to none and your product is the best virus checker I have used by far. All the best

Steve Dawson

I would like to compliment the Quick Heal team for the prompt and helpful service given to me. In my first subscription year, everything went smoothly. Then came the time for subscription renewal. As a pensioner, and with the exorbitant South African telephone charges, I very seldom use the internet for any sort of browsing or purchasing. So I found the procedure to renew rather complicated. Each time I made a mistake, I asked for advice. Then my time ran out, but I was assured that the protection would not be terminated while I was still getting the procedure completed. In the end, I somehow paid twice; but that error was corrected instantly and I was notified.I had questions to ask the Quick Heal team. Their answers have been educational and very helpful. I am impressed with the service, and with the courtesy and patience. Well done Team!! There really are people behind the computer generated emails.

Ms. Kathleen Mack
Durban, South Africa

I have been completely satisfied with Quick Heal. I am a novice home computer user. No viruses have escaped Quick Heal in my computer. The timely and helpful advice I have received when I had questions is much appreciated.

Ms. Barbara S. Royal
Hammond, USA

Not only is Quick Heal Support helpful in solving any of my technical problems but the responses are fast and the service is very courteous.

Carl Lindenman