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UTM Solutions: Geared to meet the emerging banking and financial services challenges

Indian banks have realized the need to protect and secure their customers’ information to establish & maintain trust amongst its customers. However, selecting the right security solution that easily addresses the issues is important.

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Perils of DNS poisoning

DNS poisoning is a computer hacking attack, whereby traffic is diverted to another computer which is often that of the attacker. This article is an in-depth study of working of the attack and how to prevent it.

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Ignorance is not always bliss: Cyber security lessons for educational institutions

The article discuses the importance of having the right security systems in place so that institutions can keep all academic and student related information intact.

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Four things educational institutions must consider to build a robust IT network

Here are four broad measures to create a robust IT security framework for Educational institutions.

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All you need to know about endpoint security to win customer's trust

As banks adopt new technologies to make their experience easy and smooth for their customers, the need for securing their endpoints becomes increasingly important.

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Your mobile phone is a serious computer that must be secured

Mobile phones today are devices that carry data, send and receives emails, used to surf social networking sites, bank, download music and video. These are practically miniature devices that carry huge amounts of valuable data.

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Why your PC needs a trusted AntiVirus?

Have you come across an ‘update’ or ‘alert’ pop-up windows call for you to install the software, or remove unwanted virus while browsing? Rogueware or fake antivirus is a real thing. And there is adifference between these and genuine anti-virus software - the latter is built to protect your information and data while the former is designed to steal it. Read on.

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When facebook apps cease to be 'Cool'

Apps are considered an important way Facebook extends the utility of its network and converts it into a hub of activity. Learn more on how Facebook apps work and how careful you should be while giving away information.

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Classic lies you should not let a cyber criminal use on you

How exactly do cybercriminals carry out their social tricks or trick you into giving away valuable information? This articles discusses the most commonly used tricks and lies that cyber criminals use to accrue valuable data.

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Speed of your computer reduced to a crawl? It is in desperate need of maintenance!

It’s just not vehicles that need maintenance. PCs often reboot due to 'freezing' or programs don't work as they should or worse still you can lose data. If these are issues that you are facing with your PC, then it is in desperate need of maintenance!

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